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When it comes to incorporating affiliate marketing on your blog there are many opinions about the right way to do this. Some say you should incorporate more ads in the sidebar others say there should be more text links and product reviews, and still others say that it simply doesn't make sense and you can’t earn an income through affiliate marketing on your blog. 

The truth is there are many ways to incorporate affiliate marketing into your blog successfully, and yes, you can make money by joining affiliate marketing and displaying it on your blog. Let's look at two ways you can successfully incorporate affiliate marketing on your blog.

#1 Affiliate marketing is all about first impressions - the tone for your visitors is set by their first impression. In fact, their first impression sets experience they will have on your entire blog in any transaction that might occur now or at another time. If the first impression you get of a blog is that ads are splattered everywhere what do you do? 

Most people leave. If the first impression you get is that the site is packed with information, easy to navigate, and has something of value to offer you, chances are you stay and explore the blog further. Your blog needs to build trust with your web traffic before they are going to take the chance and purchase something from your site. Your blog also needs to be of interest, and they need to feel like they're something of value there for them. Only then will they consider making a purchase from your blog.

#2 Promote only products that you have actually used - the way to earn an income from affiliate programs is to offer products that you have actually used yourself. If you haven't tried a product, how can you recommend it to visitors to your blog. What if you recommend something and the product is horrible? Who do you think the buyer is going to be mad at? They are going to remember purchasing that product for your blog, so it is your reputation that is on the line. Therefore, it is critical that you try every product before you decide to market it on your blog.

Implementing these two simple suggestions can help you to increase your affiliate marketing revenue on your blog, and create that income stream for your future.

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